Termites may be tiny, but they can cause a lot of damage. They prefer to eat wood, so control and prevention is necessary to protect the structure of the home. This article will give termite prevention tips and discuss termite control methods available.

Underground termites enter through the wood near the ground line and can find their way into a home in this manner. These termites cause the most damage because they travel unseen. Good thing that pest control companies can detect these termites using heat sensors under the soil. Once termites are detected, the professionals can then begin termite treatment.

Termite control and treatment for residential properties involve the removal of termites and the use of chemicals to prevent damage in the future. It is important that only professionally trained termite control Sunshine Coast experts do this work to ensure termite prevention methods are properly utilized.

Inspecting Termite Damage

The first step to termite control is an inspection. Every termite problem will be different, depending on the severity of the infestation and whether termites have been able to spread throughout a home’s structure. A termite inspection involves checking for any wood-chewing activity that may have weakened a home’s structure or caused termites to breed and spread.

Termite Control Methods

  • Complex barrier systems are often effective against termites. Barriers are installed in concealed locations, where termites are known to be active. This includes areas such as the ones behind baseboards or cabinets that are seldom moved. The termite barrier systems usually contain the chemicals that termites ingest and spread through their colony, resulting in termite control.
  • Subterranean termite treatments are another termite control method used to prevent termites from damaging a home’s structure or surrounding areas. A liquid pesticide is injected into the ground around the perimeter of a house. This pesticide is poisonous to termites that come into contact with it. Termites will also avoid it when they’re looking for food, preventing termites from entering through the treated area.
  • If termites have already infested the home’s structure, the most effective treatment would be to use pesticides. Chemicals are injected into the tunnels that termites dug in the wood. The termites ingest the pesticide either directly or by eating termites that have ingested it.


The best termite prevention tip is to stay ahead of termites and the damage they could possibly cause. Regular termite inspections alone will prevent termites from gaining a foothold in your home. When you notice an infestation, contact a termite control service as soon as possible. Termite control should be done before the termites do too much damage or spread throughout the structure is possible.

Take note that reading this article does not qualify you to perform termite control yourself. Only termite control professionals who know how to prevent termites should perform it. Contact your trusted pest control company and they will suggest to you the best treatment and prevention for termite infestation.

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