Making Your Garden Look Like It’s Made For Instagram

Making Your Garden Look Like It’s Made For Instagram

If you’re someone who loves spending time in their garden but find yourself a little disappointed with how it looks in photos, you’re not alone. A perfectly manicured and blooming garden can be a beautiful addition to any Instagram feed, but not everyone has the time (or green thumb) to maintain one. Here are a few ideas for making your garden look good in photos, without too much effort on your part.

1. Plant flowers that are in season and add pops of color.

Give your garden a new lease on life with the help of some Instagrammable flowers. You’ll want to choose some pops of colour that are in season year-round. If you have a green thumb, planting a flower garden from scratch is a great way to give yourself something beautiful to look at.

2. Add a birdbath or water feature to attract birds and other wildlife.

You may have noticed that bird and wildlife photos are particularly popular on Instagram, and it’s easy to see why. With just a little water feature or feeder, you can bring some of this wildlife into your garden without too much effort.

3. Ensure that your garden is well-lit at all times.

This is one of the best ways to make sure your garden always looks good in photos (and selfies, too). Having the right lighting and the right time of day for your Instagram post will give it that extra something. Natural light is always best especially during the daytime. For nighttime, install outdoor lighting to create a dreamy or a romantic ambiance. You could buy a string light, or get one of those fancier, solar-powered ones.

4. Plant trees, bushes, and shrubs with interesting shapes and colours.

Image Source: Unsplash

Instagrammable gardens are all about the details. If you plant some trees, bushes, and shrubs with different shapes and colours in your garden, it will surely become more interesting to look at. You have to make sure there isn’t too much foliage that makes your garden look messy.

5. Create a path through the garden using stepping stones or mulch for easy walking access.

Consider adding a brick path to your garden – it’s a great way to make the garden more functional and it will lead visitors on a nice loop. You can even use bricks as stepping stones around the garden, if you’re on a budget. A quick search on Google for ‘affordable bricks for sale near me’ should lead you to a long list of options. You may also consider adding steppingstones or mulch.

6. Make sure there’s furniture in your outdoor space.

Instagrammable gardens almost always contain some kind of seating area, whether it be a bench, wrought iron table and chairs, or even just an outdoor rug for sitting on while you enjoy your garden view.

7. Consider adding quaint fences.

Garden fences are an Instagrammer’s dream, and a garden fences Essex supplier is often preferred by those living in England. You can opt for traditional, picket fences or you could get creative and buy some bricks to put around the garden. It’s not only functional but it also adds an extra element to your garden that will look stunning in Instagram photos.

There are a few more tricks you can use to make your garden more Instagrammable. Whether you’re looking to sell your home or just want to boost your social media following, these tips will help you achieve the perfect outdoor space.

The Tops 5 Scrap Metals For Recycling

The Tops 5 Scrap Metals For Recycling

We have embraced recycling since the turn of the century, as reusing metals takes the pressure off the mining industry. As the years passed, recycling grabbed a bigger share of the global supply of various metals. Recycling is always at the forefront of our minds, with metal, paper, plastic and even green recycling, where material is effectively melted down and reused.

Here is a list of the top 5 metals that are recycled and reused by many industries.


This is a very popular material that is found in most things and your local scrap metal dealer would offer you a per kg price for any aluminium you wish to recycle. Old domestic appliances, beer cans and window frames are just some examples of scrap aluminium. Old ladders might be made of aluminium, while some furniture pieces also contain this metal. When the scrap dealer has an adequate amount of aluminium, they would deliver it to a recycling facility where it is melted down and recast as ingots. All scrap dealers have working relationships with several industrial recycling plants, which they feed as often as they can from both the business and domestic sectors.


Sydney scrap metal recyclers like Austick would probably put copper at the top of their most wanted list, mainly due to the high demand for this conductive metal and the fact that copper can be found in many appliances, machines and devices. A/C units contain a lot of copper and if you are renovating an old house, you would encounter copper water pipes, which can fetch a good price with a local scrap metal dealer. To find scrap metal recyclers in your area, especially those outside of Sydney, a quick online search should provide you a list of dealers who would pay you for your scrap metal.


Lead is also in big demand. If you have lead flashing on your roof that you wish to replace, this would be worth some cash. Although not as widely used as in the past, lead is still very much sought after. Car batteries are a good source of lead and if you have a few old batteries in your garage, call your local scrap metal dealer, who would offer you a good price to recycle them.

Stainless Steel

Old guttering or outdoor catering equipment might be made with stainless steel, as is ducting and some furniture. It is always best to remove other materials and clean the surface, as this might get you a slightly higher price. This applies to all metals; removing the outer coating of plastic on copper wire, for example, will see you get a higher price.


There is brass inside A/C units and older household appliances and just like other metals, it is best to pre-sort if possible. Brass is commonly found on old furniture and while it isn’t very often recycled with antique and vintage furniture, brass is found in some electrical devices.

If you would like to know the per kg price of any metal, search online for a local scrap metal dealer and they would be happy to collect your scrap and pay you in cash.

What You Need To Know About Sliding Gates

What You Need To Know About Sliding Gates

We see sliding gates wherever we go. Homes, businesses, parks, and government buildings all incorporate electric gating of the sliding variety and much like any type of gating, sliding units do require regular maintenance. 

Here are a few important aspects about sliding gates if you are considering replacing your old gates with something high tech.

Sliding Gates Are Made To Measure

There are no off-the-shelf solutions with gating, especially for commercial properties, rather each project has its own unique challenges. With an in-house design team to come up with the perfect automatic wooden driveway gates that have a sliding mechanism, your new gates will be a major feature of the property. There are several materials that can be combined, including hardwood, steel and aluminium, to create the perfect set of electric sliding gates.

Electric Solutions

As we are living in the 21st century, why not go the whole hog and enjoy electric operation with your new gates? Start with a Google search to locate a leading custom gate maker near you, who would be happy to pay you a home visit and discuss the many design options. The electric motor can be located underground, which helps to protect it against the harsh climate, which is something to discuss with the supplier.

Hi-Tech Add-Ons

As you would expect in this digital age, there are many features that can be incorporated into the design, including intercoms, keyless access and video cameras. If you have an Internet connection, you can actually view the property entrance via a mobile app, which is great when you are holidaying abroad. You can also obtain special sensors that you fit into family vehicles. The sensors allow for automatic access, which is more than a little convenient.

Sliding Gates Require Minimum Space

All you need for sliding gates is space on one side of the main entrance, as the gate(s) will slide to one side, meaning you do not need space behind the gates. When you call in the experts, they send a technician to your home, where you can sit down and look at the many design options before choosing the right combination.

Tracking Maintenance

The sliding gate would be heavy and would run on a special tracking, which does require regular lubrication. When the units are installed, the supplier would demonstrate how to maintain the system and would also carry out servicing if required. The motor and gearing also require lubrication and they are typically sealed units, which means the oil level remains the same. You should regularly check that there are no obstructions, sweeping the channel to remove leaves and small twigs that can accumulate in the gate tracking.

The best way to create the perfect set of entrance gates is to call in a custom gate maker near you and they handle the entire project from removing the old gates to regular maintenance. Each job presents a unique challenge to the gate maker, and they utilise all their skills when designing units for their customers, creating stunning features.

Tips To Prevent Termite Damage in a Home

Tips To Prevent Termite Damage in a Home

Termites may be tiny, but they can cause a lot of damage. They prefer to eat wood, so control and prevention is necessary to protect the structure of the home. This article will give termite prevention tips and discuss termite control methods available.

Underground termites enter through the wood near the ground line and can find their way into a home in this manner. These termites cause the most damage because they travel unseen. Good thing that pest control companies can detect these termites using heat sensors under the soil. Once termites are detected, the professionals can then begin termite treatment.

Termite control and treatment for residential properties involve the removal of termites and the use of chemicals to prevent damage in the future. It is important that only professionally trained termite control Sunshine Coast experts do this work to ensure termite prevention methods are properly utilized.

Inspecting Termite Damage

The first step to termite control is an inspection. Every termite problem will be different, depending on the severity of the infestation and whether termites have been able to spread throughout a home’s structure. A termite inspection involves checking for any wood-chewing activity that may have weakened a home’s structure or caused termites to breed and spread.

Termite Control Methods

  • Complex barrier systems are often effective against termites. Barriers are installed in concealed locations, where termites are known to be active. This includes areas such as the ones behind baseboards or cabinets that are seldom moved. The termite barrier systems usually contain the chemicals that termites ingest and spread through their colony, resulting in termite control.
  • Subterranean termite treatments are another termite control method used to prevent termites from damaging a home’s structure or surrounding areas. A liquid pesticide is injected into the ground around the perimeter of a house. This pesticide is poisonous to termites that come into contact with it. Termites will also avoid it when they’re looking for food, preventing termites from entering through the treated area.
  • If termites have already infested the home’s structure, the most effective treatment would be to use pesticides. Chemicals are injected into the tunnels that termites dug in the wood. The termites ingest the pesticide either directly or by eating termites that have ingested it.


The best termite prevention tip is to stay ahead of termites and the damage they could possibly cause. Regular termite inspections alone will prevent termites from gaining a foothold in your home. When you notice an infestation, contact a termite control service as soon as possible. Termite control should be done before the termites do too much damage or spread throughout the structure is possible.

Take note that reading this article does not qualify you to perform termite control yourself. Only termite control professionals who know how to prevent termites should perform it. Contact your trusted pest control company and they will suggest to you the best treatment and prevention for termite infestation.

How To Choose Between Hardwood & Laminate Flooring

How To Choose Between Hardwood & Laminate Flooring

In this article, we offer the homeowner useful information about selecting the most suitable flooring.

Most people have no hesitation when asked about their idea of perfect flooring. They will tell you it has to be a hardwood floor installed by professionals. However, traditional hardwood has become a very valuable resource and an oak floor will not be cheap; that said, a solid wood floor will last a lifetime. If you are planning to build your dream home and can’t decide on flooring, you have come to the right place, as we compare solid timber to a composite material.


Hardwood Flooring


The list of tree species that are suitable for home flooring is indeed long and includes:


  • American Timbers – Oak, Birch and Walnut.
  • Jarrah – A locally grown hardwood that is a big favourite among homeowners.
  • Grey Ironbark – As the name suggests, this is a very dense timber, making it perfect for heavy traffic areas.
  • Hard Rock Maple – Another very popular choice, with lighter shades and attractive timber-grain finishes.
  • Cypress Pine – This hardy species offers contrasting browns and a tight, dense grain and is very durable.
  • Baltic Pine – The trees that grow near the Arctic are very dense, making them ideal for flooring and these species incorporate nice swirls and colour combinations.


If you would like to view examples of hardwood flooring in a real-life setting, search with Google for a leading local flooring showroom and pay them a visit.


Engineered Timber Flooring

Image Source: Unsplash

You may not be aware that technology has enabled a new type of floor material that is basically a composite core material that is wrapped with about 3-5mm of real timber, with a final layer of protection. The engineered hardwood flooring Australia has, for example, are installed by experts and for a very affordable cost. They have a wide range of finishes that are identical to hardwood and the money you save is considerable when you opt for engineered timber. If you live outside Australia, a quick Google search should help you find a supplier of this type of flooring near your area.


Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)


LVT is a very popular alternative to solid hardwood and for very good reason, vinyl is every bit as durable as timber and the designs come in stone, slate, and hardwood. If money is tight due to house buying and relocation costs, LVT is very affordable when compared to hardwood, besides, no one would ever know, the finish is that good! Vinyl can be installed on any substrate and it might require a cork backing. Talk to the supplier about this.


At the end of the day, it is down to your personal preference. Some people have their heart set on timber and with engineered solutions, you can keep the cost down. The kitchen and bathroom are ideal rooms for luxury vinyl, as it is waterproof and very durable, plus there are more than 50 hardwood finishes to choose from.


It is very important that your new flooring is installed by professionals, whether choosing solid timber, engineered timber, or composite material. The eco-friendly choice would be engineered timber, which has all the properties of hardwood, but at a much lower cost, and with many designs available, there’s bound to be one that is perfect.

Common Mistakes You Will Want To Avoid When Renovating Your Bathroom

Common Mistakes You Will Want To Avoid When Renovating Your Bathroom

Many people make some common mistakes when remodelling their bathrooms, and most of the time, it comes down to a lack of planning. Fail to plan, and plan to fail, as the saying goes, so you need to take the time to consider all your options and plan everything carefully. Below are some of the common mistakes people make when renovating their bathrooms, so you can avoid them and create your dream bathroom for your home.

Not Enough Ventilation

You will need to ensure plenty of ventilation in your bathroom, especially if it does not have any windows. Being a warm and moist room, and if you are not careful, mould will start forming. The best way to prevent this is to have an airy bathroom with a window you can open and an extractor fan to help ventilate it sufficiently. If you do not have a window in your bathroom, you can contact a reputable bathroom designer in Twickenham or wherever you live, and speak to them about ensuring your bathroom has sufficient ventilation.

Not Enough Storage

Another common mistake for people to make when designing their bathroom is not thinking about the storage and ensuring there is enough. You can think creatively when it comes to the storage for your bathroom, or visit home improvement online magazines such as Good House Keeping. They have some excellent tips you can incorporate into your design, which should help you ensure that you have plenty of storage in your bathroom to help keep your space neat, organised, and tidy.

Including Features That You Do Not Use

It is also common for people to include features in their dream bathroom that they end up not using at all, or if so rarely. There is no point in having a bidet if you do not use it, and if you have showers 99% of the time, it may pay to consider getting rid of the bath and giving yourself much more space to work with for your design. The primary necessities of your bathroom design should include:

  • Toilet
  • Sink
  • Shower
  • Storage
  • Ventilation

If you do not use a bath, it can save you a lot of money and hassle and free up a lot of extra space. Only include necessary features, and it can help make the room look much bigger than it is.

Opting For Form Over Function

There is no point in having a fantastic looking bathroom that does not work correctly, and often people make the mistake of choosing their form over their function. Ensuring the fixtures, fittings, and furniture you select for your bathroom are practical first and looking fantastic second, and you can help prevent yourself from falling into this trap. A trustworthy bathroom designer Esher and any other locations have will show you how to have both.


Another common problem people have when renovating their bathrooms is overspending. They either do not cost things up correctly, so do not budget accordingly, or spend much more than they planned to spend on more expensive fixtures and fittings. When planning your bathroom renovation, ensure you cost everything out correctly and stick to your budget.

By choosing function over form as recommended above, you can help to keep the cost down but ensure you have a practical bathroom that looks fantastic.

Top Plumbing Tips That You Should Know at All Times

Top Plumbing Tips That You Should Know at All Times

It’s no fun to deal with plumbing issues. Plumbing issues can range anywhere from simple pipe leakages to a major plumbing issue that will require a plumber. When it comes to plumbing, many people will wait until it is too late to take care of the problem. Plumbing issues will only get worse if they are not dealt with as soon as possible.

Here are Some of the Top Plumbing Tips You Should Know

Use Special Anti-Blocked Toilet Paper to Prevent Blockages

One of the most common plumbing tips for preventing blockages is to use less toilet paper. Yes, it is true that there is special anti-blocked toilet paper that prevents blockages. However, using normal toilet paper will just put you in more trouble. When you flush, it pushes a lot of dirt and grime into the pipes, making matters much worse than they already are. The oil and grease will also build up along with the blockage.


Regular Maintenance Checks

Some other common plumbing tips include doing simple maintenance checks on the pipes on a regular basis. For example, have you ever noticed how hard it is to flush a drain? This is because the trap, which is supposed to prevent waste from backing up into the pipes, often has too much buildup inside it. If this is the case, simply run some water through the pipes until it clears up. This simple process will prevent the trap from getting too full of grease and cause a blockage.

If you have a bathtub, make sure that it drains properly. Also, check the faucet regularly to make sure that the drain does not get clogged with hair, food, or soap; otherwise, it can lead to a serious drain blockage. If you notice that your drain gets clogged, try using a plunger to open it up a bit. You might be able to dislodge the obstruction and avoid a major problem.

If you’ve been having problems with your hot water or electric connections, you should call a plumber soon and if you require an upgrade of your entire plumbing system, you can use a scrap copper recycling pick up service to get cash for the old scrap metal and put that toward your new system. Some people mistakenly believe that leaks are just minor problems and don’t require immediate attention. However, ignoring a leaking faucet or appliance could lead to a much larger problem. For this reason, you should pay special attention to any leaks you find in your home.


Use a Toilet Float

If you notice that your toilet fills up with too much water and causing you trouble, you can easily fix this. First, check to make sure that the water line is not clogged. If not, then you should have a toilet float. A toilet float is a small rubber device that attaches to the bottom of a toilet to help relieve the inconvenience of a full tank.

Use a Plunger

Another one of the top plumbing tips out there deals with the use of a plunger. When you notice a clog, all you have to do is turn on your bathroom sink and use the plunger on the pipes below the surface of the sink. If you’re looking for easy solutions, you may want to try using a plunger, but if you want to avoid a blockage, then you should call a professional.

Modern Interior Home Design Trends

Modern Interior Home Design Trends

Interior home design is about finding a balance between form and function. The interior design principle is to find a harmonious relationship between the different components of a room that will create a good room design.

What Is Modern Interior Design?

Modern interior design is simply an updated variation of the classic decorative art of the Arts and Crafts era, which was born in the late 19th century. The new modern style movement is generally referred to as a minimalist approach, which places more emphasis on simplicity, natural materials, and a balanced color palette.
It’s a minimalist philosophy that puts less emphasis on style and design and more emphasis on the function of a room. Functionalism has become a favorite among designers who are trying to make rooms look more like works of art than a place to sit and relax.

Interior Home Design

Contemporary Interiors

A good example of this philosophy can be found in contemporary interiors, which tend to have clean lines and focus on simplicity. Because contemporary interiors are made with light and airy materials and furniture, they can often look as if they’re floating on air. Simple colors are also commonly used, such as whites, grays, blues, greens, or natural earth tones such as browns, tans, and earth colors.

Modern Furniture

Modern furniture is designed to be comfortable as well as structurally sound. In fact, you can find pieces that are so streamlined today that they almost don’t look like furniture at all. In fact, some of today’s most popular uses of space in interior homes are living room furniture such as couches and love seats, breakfast nook chairs, and end tables.
While previous generations would never have thought of putting such small furniture into their homes, the 21st century has made it very trendy. One of the most popular areas of this modern furniture is in the realm of interior home design trends.

Interior Home Design

Orphan Spaces

One of the main ideas that many interior designers are taking advantage of is the use of “orphan” spaces. These are small spaces, or sometimes even just individual spaces, that seem to exist as an empty void.
When you look at homes today, you’ll often see a sofa, love seat, or end table sitting in the middle of this void. Although the sofa or love seat maybe there for aesthetic purposes only, these elements serve to provide the home with an area for conversation and interaction.

The Use of Colors

Another trend that we could note throughout the new age of modern home interiors is the use of bright colors throughout the home. The new-age interior designer uses modern technology and computer applications to help create unique colors and materials that help create a warm and relaxing atmosphere. The result is interiors that are warm, inviting, and very welcoming.

The Use of Materials

Interior Home Design

Another new home design trend that is popular with today’s home designers is the use of natural and organic materials throughout the home. For instance, the kitchen can have granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, copper pots and pans, and all types of wood countertops. By utilizing these new materials and creative interior designs, homeowners can create stunning open floor plans that connect the rooms in one big space.

To Sum Up

With a plethora of online resources available, you have many tools at your disposal. You can search through digital galleries of interior designers all over the world, searching for inspiration. Through online research, you can find out about the experience and education of many interior designers and go for the best one. There’s no longer a need to be trapped in the rut of just using the services of a general contractor as there’s a much greater selection available on the internet.