Old Nails, Screws & Hardware: Disposal Solutions

Let’s face it, modern living equals accumulating things, many of which we don’t need and the ones that we do, will eventually malfunction and be sent to the spare room for indefinite storage.

Where is your collection of old mobile phones (before they were smart)? We all have a stash of old Blackberries and Nokias. Now, they could all be kept in the bottom drawer of your garage workshop and they will be recycled when you get to find the time. If you are a bit of a handyman, you’ll have a box of old nails and screws that seems to grow by the day and things like old fuses and lengths of copper wiring are rolled up and thrown in there.

Green Solution

No one wants to put anything in a landfill these days and when you have collected all the old devices, appliances, fixings, bike frames and old PCs, what do you do then? Ask Google by searching for ‘the price of scrap brass near me‘, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Your local scrap metal dealer must follow very strict guidelines when collecting scrap metal, otherwise their licence is revoked. When you call a local scrap dealer to collect your metal waste, you know that 90% will be recycled and the rest disposed of properly. Once your place is decluttered, don’t allow it to happen again. Get into the habit of putting stuff into your scrap bin and sooner or later, you have a source of cash. 

Create A Special Place

One corner of the garage would be ideal; go around the house and yard, taking anything that is either broken or unwanted that contains metal of some form, which should lead to a pile of scrap. Items such as:

  • Old domestic appliances
  • PCs & other digital devices
  • A/C compressors
  • Old cars & motorcycles
  • Auto parts
  • Copper wiring, screws and nails

You now have a choice to sort the stuff or sell the scrap as is. Of course, you’ll get a better price per kg. for copper wire that has already been stripped of the outer plastic, but most people let the dealer do the sorting and still get top prices. It’s really easy to find out the copper kg. price using Google and when you find the best price, ask the dealer to send someone to collect the scrap and the driver will weigh the material and pay you cash on the spot. Anything you’re unsure about, ask the dealer and you’ll get a quick response. Some do take hazardous material like car batteries and used oil; it depends on the dealer and their set up. Old tyres can also be recycled and IT hardware needs special attention – scrap metal dealers are approved to dispose of IT equipment.

When you dispose of scrap metal in a responsible way, you are doing your bit for the planet and if we all do what we can to reduce our carbon footprint, the world will be a healthier place to handover to the next generation.

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